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Google Analytics 4 Consulting

The future of web analytics is here! Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers a powerful, privacy-centric approach to understanding your audience and measuring success.

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[GA4] Conversions are now “Key Events”

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has started rolling out a small but impactful change: the renaming of “conversions” to “key events.”

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Living in Ottawa Website

Peter Twolan is a leading figure in the Canadian real estate scene, known for his insightful contributions as a prominent real estate YouTuber with a focus in Ottawa.

Google Marketing Platform

In order to harmonize with an ever-changing customer landscape, today’s digital marketers work non-stop to adjust and evolve their strategies. Against this backdrop, the Google Marketing Platform acts as a unified advertising and analytics platform that allows today’s digital leaders to capture data, understand customers, and action data-driven strategies across the digital ecosystem.

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From small businesses to global enterprises, Ayudante has helped dozens of teams improve their businesses through better digital analytics, more effective digital advertising, and actionable advice. View Case Studies

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Certified Industry Leaders

We understand that brands need agencies that have earned and maintained the trust of major partners in the industry. While Ayudante started small, it has grown to be a publishing leader in the analytics industry (working in Japanese) while expanding partnerships with key industry tools. Also, as an agency, it has the longest-standing Google Partner certification in Japan. Meet Our Team

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