The future of web analytics is here! Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers a powerful, privacy-centric approach to understanding your audience and measuring success. But navigating the new platform can be challenging. That’s where Ayudante comes in. 

Our Services

Google Analytics Audit

Not sure where to start? Our Google Analytics  audit service provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current setup, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring you’re maximizing the potential of GA4.

GA4 Implementation & Setup

We’ll expertly configure GA4 for your website or app, ensuring accurate data collection and seamless integration with your marketing ecosystem.

Data Migration & Historical Analysis

Migrating data from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4? We’ll handle the process smoothly, preserving historical insights while preparing you for the future.

Integration and Customization

Go beyond basis. We’ll define a custom measurement plan that captures user interactions crucial to your business goals and setup necessary integrations with Google Ads, Search Console, BigQuery and other services that will help your decision making environment. 

Ongoing Support and Optimization

Don’t go at it alone. We offer ongoing support and optimization to ensure your GA4 setup stays effective, adapts to your evolving needs, and delivers continuous value.

Benefits of GA4 with our Consulting Expertise

Future-proof your data collection 

Benefit from a future-oriented platform that adapts to evolving measurement and privacy regulations.

Accurate Data Capture 

Ensure proper configuration and customization of GA4, enabling you to capture accurate and comprehensive data across multiple platforms, devices, and user touchpoints while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.

Actionable Insights and Intelligence 

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of GA4’s advanced features like machine learning and predictive analytics, we help you uncover valuable insights and intelligence that drive informed decision-making for your business.

Unified Customer Journey Tracking

 With our guidance, you can harness GA4’s cross-device and cross-platform tracking capabilities, providing a unified view of your customers’ journeys and enabling personalized experiences.

Tailored Reporting and Integration 

We design intuitive dashboards and reports tailored to your specific business objectives, while seamlessly integrating GA4 with your existing MarTech stack for consolidated data analysis and visualization.

Why Ayudante ?

Certified GA4 Experts and Google Partners

Our team boasts Google-certified GA4 professionals with extensive experience in data analysis and implementation in multiple verticals (e.g. ecommerce, lead gen, B2B, etc.) in global settings.

Proven Track Record

We have a successful history of helping businesses leverage the power of Google Analytics, including over ten years as Google Partners in Japan, to achieve their goals.

Customizable Solutions

We tailor our services to your specific needs and industry, ensuring a perfect fit.

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Ready to Get Started?

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