Ayudante’s Online Presence: Now in English

As the world becomes more and more digitalized, the need for consulting on digital data is becoming ever-more essential. Against this backdrop, Ayudante is proud to unveil in Japan a full-service English-language online presence. We are dedicated to better communication, and our new website aims to do just that—to transmit and offer Ayudante’s digital marketing analytics consulting capabilities and valuable content to the English-speaking world. 

Founded in 2009, Ayudante Inc. provides SEO, digital data analytics, and marketing & development consulting to organizations big and small. We hereby launch this initiative toward forging new & better relationships with English-speaking customers. 

The connections that we all make in this increasingly digitalized world are exponentially growing, allowing us to realize the following: 

  • Our customers have development teams and offices around the world that prefer English for all communications. We hope that our full-service English presence will help lay critical infrastructure toward helping us intimately understand customer needs. 
  • Many industry leaders in Japan and abroad require interfacing in English. We hope that this English presence will help them realize the value that we aim to provide.
  • The lingua franca for sharing knowledge in the digital data analytics & marketing industry is English, and many people in this sphere are looking for valuable English content.  We hope that our English blog will be valued by those looking for industry information in English. 

Today more than ever, as Japan welcomes the attention of the world with the Tokyo Olympics, we hope that this new online presence can shine a light on Japan for people overseas, so as to relay a better understanding of the value that Ayudante and Japan itself has to offer.