The Final Days of Google Analytics Universal

Next week, July 1st, Google Analytics Universal is scheduled to become history.

We bid farewell and pay homage to a tried-and-true friend, the older versions of Google Analytics, with a quick walk through the tool’s history.

It wouldn’t be surprising to state that GA4 has been very frustrating, to put it nicely. Yet, we understand the source of the frustration. GA Universal was tried-and-tested tool, understood and appreciated after many years of improvements, iterations, and the input of a strong community. (And yes, Google could’ve done a better job bringing GA4 a bit more to par with GA Universal before pushing so hard for the switch, but that’s not my point…)

We hope GA4 will grow up to surpass its predecessors. The potential is there. With continued support for GA4’s development and a thriving community, this new era holds immense potential.

If you need guidance on this new era, contact Ayudante today.

Jose Uzcategui

Global Lead / Sr. Analytics Consultant

Jose Uzcategui

Mr. Uzcategui joined Ayudante in Japan after working for ASICS and Amazon. His position previous to Ayudante was as a team leader, working on data construction/implementation and performance improvement using the Google Marketing Platform and the cloud. His hobbies are playing squash and cooking. He enjoys studying Japanese, Spanish, and English, and spring in Japan is his favorite season.